As an experienced Australian contract manufacturer servicing various market sectors, we supply therapeutics, personal care, functional  foods, and cosmetics in the form of creams, oils, liquids, tablets, powders, and capsules. We specialize in TGA listed complementary medicines, functional foods, and cosmeceuticals for the Australian and export markets.

Roger Shahani – History

Personally, I have worked in the global Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Cosmetic sectors for nearly 30 years. My father Dr. Khem Shahani was a pioneering research scientist in Probiotics and he started a prominent Probiotic Raw Material supply company in the USA which I worked with at an early age.

I came to Australia about 26 years ago when I worked with a number of prominent the largest vitamin companies, and most recently Australian Nutraceuticals, in varying capacities. I have a BSc in Psychology, a MBA in finance and a Masters of International Management with a focus on sales & marketing. As your dedicated project manager our responsibilities include product development, procurement, costing/pricing, regulatory consulting, Raw  Material selection & sourcing, packaging, and logistics

Khem Shahani Australian Neutraceuticals

New product development is an area we specialize in. Depending on the formulation you require, your volumes, and packaging format, we can help you with all your sourcing needs.

Our facilities are TGA certified with cGMP, but we also have a standard cosmetic manufacturing site.  All production is in Australia and complies with Australian standards so there is no risk of noncompliance with domestic and global standards.